How do people get rich by reading books?

Meet this person:

Done meeting?

Ok. If you don’t know the person in above picture (Comeon, everybody knows him except if you are living in a cave and haven’t seen a human being since long), I tell you.

He is Shashi Tharoor, a former Under Secretary General of United Nations, former Minister of State for Human Resource & Development (MoS, HRD) , former Minister of State for External Affairs (MoS , MEA) and MP from Thiruvananthapuram constituency.

I think he can be considered a rich person.

He has authored 17 books till now, mostly non-fiction.

Where do you think this knowledge came from? Any idea? Ok, I tell you.

knowledge comes from books. Reading books opens your brain to eclectic ideas. When you read much, you think much, you analyse much. You start having diverse views on a wide range of subjects. These views impress other people. They read books authored by you. And that’s how you get heavy pay checks.

This is only one example. Almost every CEO or co-founder of any company will tell you that he reads 75–100 books a year. Reading books opens door to other possibilities. You acquire power to think out-of-the-box. And that out-of-the-box thinking generate ideas and one idea can change everything. It can take you from rag to riches or from Earth to Mars or from a small village in Tamilnadu to the Google HQ in California.

Knowledge is riches. You can’t be poor as long as you have knowledge.

Credits: Devendra Garg

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